Creating a Comfortable Kitchen Space

a comfortable home is the dream of every family. Comfort not only in the living room, bedroom, or living room, but also in the kitchen which is the main place to create a family health.

The kitchen is a place to cook, make all the dishes to be consumed all family members. Imagine if the kitchen in your home does not have a regular design, never tidy, or even dirty, you certainly would not feel comfortable in the kitchen and may not be able to make a healthy dish.

modern kitchen design Convenient kitchen tips

- Kitchen design is important in creating comfort. Arrange everything neatly furnished kitchen and good. A good arrangement will certainly make the kitchen space was not crowded and certainly more comfortable. For example, put the stove near the window, so that cooking smoke can get out there and do not meet the kitchen.
If your kitchen space is not too large, you should not put too much furniture. Fill your kitchen space with equipment that is needed, such as stoves, tables, or shelves where spices with minimalist concept. Avoid using kitchen cabinet creates impression of shortness.

- Make sure that your kitchen is always clean. Cleanliness of the kitchen not only creates comfort in cooking, but also to avoid invasive disease caused by harmful bacteria and germs. Place a wastebasket in the kitchen, always throw dirt in place, and clean the kitchen appliances and equipment when finished cooking.

- Air vents and windows are important factors that should have a kitchen space. When cooking, smoke or cooking odors definitely will fill the room, If the kitchen does not have the circulation or the airways is good, the kitchen will definitely feel stuffy.

- Windows not only serve as air ducts, but also can make a kitchen look much brighter; the sun will easily fit into the kitchen. The kitchen is bright and not dark will surely make you feel more comfortable in cooking.

- Another source of illumination is the light. When the night and you want to cook, light is something that must be in the kitchen. Put a bright light, such as fluorescent lamps. Do not use the lights dim and dismal impression.

Those are some tips to create a cozy kitchen. No matter whether your kitchen space is narrow or broad, no matter if you have a furnished kitchen complete or not, If you apply these tips above, the comfort in your cooking will surely get. white kitchen island


Ahmad Abdullah said...

This was a good suggestion that you put up here...dude…..hope that it benefits all the ones who land up here. 

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John Smith said...

Not only the tips you have given will prove to be a great help but the kitchens you have shown above are also wonderful and a true inspiration. But I am intrigued by one thing. What is that lizard doing above the fireplace in the first picture??

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