Dining Room and Kitchen

kitchen windows Dining room and kitchen is a woman's territory. Why is that? For in a house, a woman has a big role in the process that occurs in both sections. Without touching a woman, almost certainly the two rooms will not be able to function optimally.

In a home design, the layout of the dining room and kitchen are not the same between one house and another house. Usually, it is adapted to home conditions and the available land area. For those who have a spacious house, two rooms are usually made separately. This is because the conditions that allow land, so that each piece becomes more loose and airy look.

Meanwhile, for those who have a house with a narrow size, many are making the dining room and kitchen into one piece. This is to save land and create a practicality. Typically, a concept like this is mostly done by urban land for housing was not as wide as those living in rural or suburban areas.

Caring for the Dining Room and Kitchen

Regardless of how the design of the dining room and kitchen, there are more important things to note. Namely in terms of treating the two rooms to keep them tidy and kept clean. Because, of two rooms of a family that was the beginning of health is determined by the quality of food that enters the body.

kitchen Some things to be done so that the dining room and kitchen in the house can be kept tidy and clean them are:

- Store all foods that are enjoyed all over the cupboard. This is to prevent any animal tempted to climb onto the dining table. Because if the table has been exposed to anilals, it is the same table attached letting germs and dirt that is not visible.

- Clean the room table and kitchen with a liquid cleanser that contains anti-bacterial. This is to kill bacteria that may be attached to the rest of the ingredients of food or other things that we do not realize.

- Open the vent in the dining room and kitchen, especially in the morning, so a change of air. Typically, this is rarely observed, especially in the office kitchen is often allowed to become damp. Moisture makes the kitchen a favorite place of animals, like rats and cockroaches to dwell.

- Use bright colors for a dining table or kitchen table. Thus, if there are any small dirt could be seen.

- Dispose of garbage every day, especially on wet waste. For dry garbage, trash can close tightly so as not compromised by the animals, like rats or cockroaches.

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