Tips to Overcome Confined Space Kitchen

Having a kitchen is spacious and equipped with a variety of kitchen furniture is the dream of every family. How not? With a spacious and luxurious kitchen, the cooking was bound to be fun. Large kitchen space can indeed be the ideal kitchen, but what if you cannot make this happen? Many factors can make you have a room off the kitchen area. Could be due to limited funds, it could be due to lack of land that is in your home.

open shelving in kitchens Tips for the Narrow Kitchen

If you have a small kitchen space, it's not a big problem. Many ways to maximize your kitchen space is so vast that no kitchen still feels comfortable and looks beautiful. How do I?

One of the keys to get around the tiny kitchen space is to choose furniture that is not too large. With all the kitchen equipment that is small or moderate, then your kitchen is cramped room did not seem crowded.

For example, selecting a small refrigerator, stove models can also choose a built-in, the stove is already integrated with device such as a kitchen table. This will make the kitchen look more spacious but still looked fancy.

paint or color the kitchen is one of the factors that will determine whether your kitchen will look narrower or otherwise. Choose light colors like white or cream to the kitchen seem more spacious.
In the store, you can perform two tricks for the kitchen seems more spacious.

- The first is using rack / cabinet. Although the bottom continue to use wood or other solid material, if the sides of the cabinets are made of glass, the indoor kitchen will not seem crowded, because the glass will reveal the wall behind it.

- Second, you can hang on the wall a few cooking utensils, like device frying, pan, or pot that has handles. That way the cabinet / rack storage of goods is not too full and can be entered by other articles.
Light is a factor that can manipulate the size of the room. If your kitchen space is cramped, the room will look cramped and crowded more and if you do not put a lot of light into the room.

Make sure you get a lot of kitchen space is light, can be of sunlight coming through the windows, and light from the lamp. With a well-lit lighting, kitchen space can be seen more widely.
Arrangement of furniture and all kitchen utensils should be properly addressed. If all is not well-organized kitchen equipment, any area of your kitchen space must still be seen crowded.
Try to keep your kitchen space is always kept clean. Only a narrow space will look narrower if too much dirt in there, either on the floor or equipment.


Sarah Miller said...

I am not blessed with a spacious kitchen therefore I have to manage in a small kitchen space. Sometime I freak out when I am not able to get things done because of the limited operational space. Though I have used a number of tricks to get work done but somehow I am always stuck. I have read through all the suggestions above and they seem very practicable in my case. Thanks for sharing.

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