Healthy Kitchen Criteria

The kitchen is one of the important rooms in a house, as in the food processing is done for the family. Good kitchen is a healthy kitchen clean, so that it can produce clean food and can also support the health of the family. Having a healthy kitchen is the duty of every house. The kitchen is healthy does not mean to have a spacious room or the kitchen nice and expensive. Then how are the healthy kitchen requirements? Healthy kitchen is a kitchen that meets some of the following important points:

• Cleanliness

The kitchen is a place to cook and it is often dirty, so we have to frequently clean this one to get healthy kitchen. The dirty kitchen only invites a variety of animals to the kitchen, such as flies, cockroaches, mosquitoes, and rats. The animals are very detrimental because it could carry disease into the home environment.

kitchen ventilationkitchen ventilation • Air circulation

Healthy kitchen should not only clean, but also has good air circulation. Many architectural experts say that good kitchen is a kitchen that has lots of vents and windows. With the air vents or windows that directly relate to the outside air, the air is dirty or smells in the kitchen to get out, replaced with clean air that came in through the window. The kitchen will not feel stuffy when air circulation is smooth like this. Apart avoid stuffy, the number of fresh air in the kitchen will prevent the growth of mold and mildew because the kitchen will not be too humid.

kitchen ventilation kitchen ventilation kitchen ventilation

• Light

Another characteristic of a healthy kitchen is a lot of light. The windows not only serve as a medium of air circulation, but also to allow light from outside into the kitchen. The sunlight is effective to keep the humidity in the kitchen because it can provide warmth, so the kitchen will not be overgrown with mold or mildew.

Lighting also affects your psyche when you are cooking in the kitchen. When given the choice, you would prefer to cook in the kitchen light than in the dark and dingy kitchen. Healthy Kitchen lighting is not just rely on the sun, but is also used when the lights at nightfall. The bright lights certainly help you while cooking, is not it?

Kitchen design

Arrangement of the room in the kitchen is also very important. Sometimes there are some people who argue that they are narrow kitchen space, so that the order of the kitchen was not too concerned. No matter how broad or narrow your kitchen, there are some things about the order of the kitchen that you should know. Stove should be placed near a window, it is meant for direct cooking odors out of the room, not even filled the kitchen so the kitchen becomes stifling. If the kitchen is not too spacious, it's a tiny narrow kitchen, you should not put large objects in this kitchen. For example, the kitchen set or a refrigerator that takes up less space. This will only make the kitchen look more cramped and uncomfortable.

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